Trading & Distribution

Those who do not Move, will nothing Move:

The PMD Group can manufacture detergents and cleaning products and distribute these products to industrial- and retail companies, worldwide.

To exceed expectations of quality & quantity of our customers, we set ourselves the goal to analyze the individual needs of each country and to identify and quantify the potential - to find the most appropriate detergents and cleaning products for the respective market.
Our focus on product- and design 
development is to introduce a product with the right quality at an absolutely acceptable price in the markets. With the introduction of the products we use our sales and marketing networks in each country and can therefore realize a very fast time to market.


The products we are aimed by the necessary, European rules & regulations, even if the products are intended for non-European market. Thus, we ensure that our established brands and products are associated with a high quality standard. Applies to the launch of a new product is one condition, that according to our market strategy for the each product, the three-year business plan provides a market share of 15% minimum.
In some cases and under certain conditions, we also distribute products from the health and medical field, unless it is subject to any statutory or rules and regulations. For products in the detergents and cleaning field whose trade brand name is widespread in the market and furthermore, the brand name is of prime importance - we also act as an trading and distribution companiy to market the products under the known label of the producers.