Medical Product Mediation

Don’t find a Fault, find a Remedy:


In the health and medical field we work internationally for various medical device manufacturers from almost all medical fields. In most cases, we act as a "service provider" for locally-based distributors, hospital- and medical practice suppliers. In this context, we market and distribute the - mostly unknown products - in countries such as Iraq, Syria and the United Arab Emirates.


Currently we are working with several distributors and hospital equipment suppliers in the Middle East, exclusively for the procurement of medical devices in Europe. Our business focus is on the following points:

  • Market surveys, needs assessments and product group analysis for customers, distributors and hospital suppliers
  • Evaluation of suitable medical device manufacturers including the associated marketing activities
  • Further clarification of all details such as:

    o   all communication between customers and producer

    o    the coordination of logistics, delivery and all other necessary steps

    o    the possible clarification and coordination of statutory requirements

    o the possible applications or registrations of the products in the     

            respective countries